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RotoFlow® 4000 | ZIP-SLIP® M520

Stoner® XENIT | Stoner® CLEANER A500

RotoFlow® 4000 – a must-have surface/flow improver for rotational moulders

Are you fed up of seeing parts with pinholes, voids, blow outs? Are you tired of poor threads? All of these defects lead to higher scrap rates. Can you afford this, especially in the current climate?

All of these issues can be prevented by using RotoFlow® 4000, which facilitate the flow of polyolefins (including linear, crosslinked and polypropylene) and polyamide into hard-to-fill areas. Moreover, RotoFlow® 4000 has received NSF® approval for use in food-grade rotationally moulded plastics.

One of our customers who has quantified it, has reported a reduction of its usage as 25% compared with their previous product, together with RotoFlow’s equally good or better performance. The COO of a US based rotomoulder says “It is such a relief to have a product readily available, that outperforms other products in the marketplace, that doesn’t require as much spray, and to work with local suppliers that are technically savvy.”


RotoFlow® 4000 facilitates the flow of polyolefin, nylon and crosslinked resin into hard-to-fill areas of rotational molds. RotoFlow® 4000 helps fill in voids around inserts, tight radii, threads, and deep cavities.

RotoFlow® 4000 advantages:

  • Improves the quality and consistency of rotomoulded linear and crosslinked polyethylene, of polypropylene and of nylon
  • Removes pinholes, voids, and blow outs
  • Improves the appearance and operational performance of threads
  • Increases the strength of inserts
  • Reduces scrap and increases productivity
  • NSF® approved for use in in food-grade rotationally moulded plastics.

Contact Dram at info@dramsrl.com for a sample and prove for yourself the financial advantages achievable by reducing scrap rates.


ZIP-SLIP® M520 rotational mold maintenance

Is it important for you to keep your parting lines clean? Save time during their maintenance? Reduce scrap caused by dirty flanges?

If the answer is yes, we have what you need and you will even need less of it compared to products that claim to achieve the same results! A customer told us that he quickly learnt that with ZIP-SLIP “Less is more”.

ZIP-SLIP is an excellent preventative maintenance product which is applied to the parting line of the mould. It is used to eliminate unwanted build-up of resin on the flanges that can cause gaps, leaks, contamination, damage to flanges by aggressive cleaning, increased equipment maintenance and extended clean up time.

M520 ZIP-SLIP® advantages

  • Colourless and non-staining
  • Solvent-free
  • Eliminates unwanted build-up of resin on the parting lines
  • Maintains a tighter mould seal, reducing leaks and contamination
  • Improves part appearance and reduces defects caused by gaps in the flanges
  • Decreases blow / suck holes
  • Saves time on equipment maintenance and clean up

Spray cleaners

Stoner® XENIT natural citrus cleaner’s

Stoner® XENIT natural citrus cleaner’s powerful formula saves time cleaning moulds and parts. The special formula contains Citrus 66, a natural, highly refined extract of citrus fruit. With this powerful ingredient, XENIT can remove the greasy, grimy soils and stains that soap and water can’t.

XENIT Advantages

  • Dissolves and flushes away most release agents from metal moulds prior to application of Stoner rust preventives
  • Cleans moulds and parts* by removing resins, carbon deposits, greases, oils, waxes, inks, tars, silicones, adhesive, and other contaminants
  • Dries fast and leaves no residue
  • Contains no methylene chloride or Class I ozone depleting substances

*XENIT Natural Citrus Mold Cleaner is a strong cleaner which may be harmful to certain plastics, paints or other solvent-sensitive materials. Always test before using.

Stoner® A500 Citrus Cleaner

Stoner® A500 Citrus Cleaner heavy-duty cleaner used to remove greases, oils, waxes, silicones, adhesive and other contaminants from moulds, metals, painted surfaces, ceramics, fiberglass, PE and other materials. Citrus Cleaner A500 is made from a highly refined extract of citrus fruits which are more healthy and environmentally friendly than petroleum distillates. With this powerful formula, Citrus Cleaner A500 can remove the greasy, grimy soils and stains that soap and water can’t.

Cleaner A500 Advantages

  • Powerful formula – cleans fast and saves time
  • Pleasant citrus scent
  • Fast drying
  • Contains no Class I or Class II ozone depleting substances
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents

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