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The high quality welding system

DRADER INJECTIWELD, the high quality system to weld plastics

Are you tired of scrapping parts because of a moulding defect, be it small or large? Are you tired of seeing colour difference after you repair parts? Are you tired of using difficult to handle or heavy tools?

Often simple addition of melted welding rod is mistaken for welding, but real quality welding requires co-fusion of the melted rod and the material to be welded.

The Drader Injectiweld uses a combination of hot tip and welding rod injection to produce high quality welds. The interchangeable hot tip melts the plastic surface creating a welding zone where the molten plastic is injected. The rod and the plastic being welded physically mix and become a single material. Since the orifice in the welding tip is submerged, surface preparation is not necessary and no oxidation takes place during the welding process. The result is a high-quality weld, produced without using hot air or gas.

The welding rod for the Drader can be produced directly from the same rotational moulding powder used to produce the part, allowing a perfect colour match.

The Drader is easy to use. It can be held with just one hand, leaving the other one free to manipulate the parts to be welded. This means that your operator’s job is quicker and easier.

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