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SORIN internal release agents

Would you like to make your operators’ jobs quicker and easier? Would you like to reduce the number of operations you run before moulding? Would you like your part to release evenly to prevent warpage? Would you like to avoid uneven colouring to improve the aesthetics of your parts? Would you like to improve the pneumatic transport of your powder?

We have what you need: SORIN RM 12 e SORIN RM14 are internal release agents which are added directly to the powder prior to rotational moulding. Their usage reduces or eliminates the need for external release agent touch-ups and contributes to keeping the moulds clean long term.

SORIN RM 12 and SORIN RM 14 do not affect the mechanical properties or the looks of the finished products. Using them, the release temperature is controlled. This way, all issues associated with parts warping due to uneven and early release disappear. Using SORIN in moulds already treated with external release agents does not cause problems.

The internal release agent Sorin RM14 also has antistatic properties. SORIN RM14 helps significantly reduce problems of irregular colour distribution, improving the appearance of dry-blended products.

For your samples and experience directly the benefits associated to their usage contact us at info@dramsrl.com

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