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Protolitte® is an exclusive brand of C4 Polymers Ltd.

Would you like to use an environmentally friendly surface improver? Would you like to reduce the quantity of solvents that you use? Would you like to increase wall thickness in specific areas?

PROTOLITTE® has been developed thanks to an exciting new concept which enables you to perform precision rotational moulding. As any experienced rotomoulder will tell you, it is all about heat transfer in our process. This is the first heat accelerator available to rotomoulders, which also acts as a flow and surface improving medium. Controlling the heat locally we can control many outcomes of our process. By its dual actions of heat acceleration and mould protection, Protolitte® is the perfect tool for controlling wall thickness of moulded parts.

It is important to note Protolitte® does not act as a lubricant as is the case with many other products in the market. Protolitte is available both as a paste and in spray format.

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