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Plastic welding system

Do you need to assemble moulded modules to produce your finished product but you are not satisfied with your current assembling method?
Do you want to weld plastic parts using a quick, repetitive and industrial approach?
Do you want to save money on the transportation of big parts?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, POWERCORE is what you need.

Powercore Welding Rod is an electrofusion system used for joining all types of thermoplastic parts together.

Powercore Welding Rod is a flexible thermoplastic rod approximately 5 mm in diameter with multiple super fine electrical resistance wires wound inside, which can be formed into virtually any shape. The same 5 mm welding rod can fuse thin sheet, thick plate, or any moulded part from 30 cm to 30 m in length in a short period of time.
The Powercore Welding Rod becomes an integral part of the weld. Extensive testing has shown that the super fine wires remaining in the weld area have no negative effect on the strength or longevity of the weld.
Order your Powercore Welding Rod made with the same plastic as the parts to be joined. Then cut to length and shape (where necessary). The ends of the rod are then stripped away to allow an electrical connection to be made. The Powercore Welding Rod is positioned and attached to one of the plastic parts that are to be joined.
The parts are then aligned and clamped. A variable AC or DC power supply is connected, and a current flows through the Powercore Welding Rod for a pre-determined length of time causing the entire rod to heat up and thermally fuse the parts together.
One of the unique features of Powercore is the ability to welding very large objects in the same time it would take to weld small objects.


If a 10 cm sheet weld takes two minutes, a 10 m sheet weld will also take 2 minutes. This is possible because the amount of electrical energy input is increased proportional to the length of the weld. A 10 cm weld uses 15 Watts. where a 10 m weld uses 1500 Watts. Therefore the welding time remains the same. Think of it as one hundred 10 cm welds in a row.This feature can save the user a tremendous amount of time.

Another unique feature of Powercore is that it is easy to use. After deciding how to fix the pieces to be welded, the operator places the Powercore Welding Rod on the parts, the power supply is turned on and automatically Powercore fused the pieces together.
Some applications:

Thermoplastic piping applications

Powercore is used in all types of thermoplastic piping situations. Powercore can be used for butt fusion joints, fabrication of fusion collars, and for the application of various types of fittings.

Injection moulding and thermoforming applications

Thermoformed and injection moulded parts can be fused onto, or into, a variety of configurations. In the case of thermoforming, the Powercore Welding Rod can be placed in the mould prior to forming.
After the forming process, the Powercore Welding Rod will be pre-attached to the part in the optimum welding position. Injection moulded parts can be made with a moulded groove that the Powercore Welding Rod can snap into.


Rotomoulding applications

Rotomoulders have used Powercore to fabricate multiple sized tanks with only two moulds.
By moulding an end panel and a body section, multiple sized tanks can be fused together with Powercore by adding body sections between end panels.

Thin sheet applications

This example shows Powercore pre-attached to a thin plastic sheet, which is then used to create a protective wrap around warf piles.

Cost saving applications

When large objects such as storage tanks need to be shipped great distances, the shipping cost can exceed the cost of the tank. By rotomoulding or thermoforming two half tanks that can be stacked inside each other, many tanks can be shipped in the same amount of space it takes to ship one. The tank can be easily welded together once it reaches its final destination.

Powercore is the right product to satisfy your welding specification.
Powercore International Ltd. has only one statement about the quality, strength and durability of its welding system. The United States Military extensively tested, and approved the use of the Powercore Welding System as the method for welding the lids on their HDPE storage tanks that contain radioactive waste from weapons manufacturing.
We have the greatest confidence that the Powercore Welding System will be able to meet your tough specifications.

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