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A much better solution than labels

Are you tired of your labels looking like this? Labels that fall off, peel, chip or fade take away from your brand image?

Permanent graphics from Mold In Graphic Systems® are extraordinary polyolefin technology which cannot be destroyed by rain, snow, chemicals, solvents, saltwater, steam, pressure washing or UV. They are indestructible, lasting for the life of the product.
There are two groups: Mold In Graphics® and Mold On Graphics®.
A Mold In Graphics™ is applied to a polyolefin product during the rotational moulding cycle.

A Mold On Graphics® is applied to the plastic – after the moulding process, immediately, weeks or years later. A Mold On Graphic® is not chemically applied, but is thermally fused with a heat source, such as an LPG flame, hot-air gun or infrared lamp.
Mold In Graphic Systems® (MIGS®) permanent graphics embed a customer’s message, logo or design into the resin. They are completely absorbed into the wall of a polyolefin product and protected by a layer of plastic, unlike other chemically applied rub-on ink transfers or traditional, pressure-sensitive labels.
Types of Mold In Graphic Systems® Graphics: Name & Logo, Safety / Warning Graphics, Second Language Graphics, Decorative Design, Bar Coding & Serial Numbers, Fluid Level Measurement, Conductive Graphics, Custom Graphics.
Some of the industries we serve: agriculture, automotive, children’s products, food services, transport, marine, recreation, designer furniture, medical.

Bulk Color In Systems® and Bulk On Systems®

MIGS® Colors may be applied before or after moulding. When applied before moulding they are sprayed into the mould in the areas you want. When applied after moulding they are sprayed directly on the piece and permanently fused by heating. This system embeds itself directly into the resin surface, making the new custom design permanent, resistant to chemicals, solvents and extreme weather conditions. Standard or custom colours are available and are made from the best pigments.

RMC3™, the three-dimensional rotational moulding compound

A revolutionary polyolefinic product. Imagine having the ability to instantly create solid plastic features permanently moulded on the inside or outside of your hollow part. Imagine having this ability whenever you want it, anytime, anywhere and in any mould with polyethylene resin. Rotational Molding Compound lets you add solid features to your hollow part, giving you flexibility in tooling design. RMC3™ offers immediate correction of flow issues; perfect, solid threads; solid protrusions; mounting tabs; flanges; solid, moulded-in feet; internal bosses; reinforced inserts and hinge pins; and solid moulded-in handles. It helps reduce scrap, saving you money.

PL-S® Parting Line Sealer™

The productive life of your moulds can be cut short by damage inflicted by the separation process at the completion of your moulding cycle. Solve the problem with PL-S® Parting Line Sealer™ which stops leaks and prevents mismatched mould parting line problems. It prevents powder from leaking during the preheating phase of the rotational moulding cycle. This helps you avoid the costly refurbishing of your equipment: this revolutionary product extends the life of your moulds.

Surface Enhancer® Spray, is the miracle in the can

By creating better flow to all areas of the mould, Surface Enhancer® removes ugly pinholes, voids and blowouts associated with rotationally moulded products. It improves the appearance and functionality of threads, increases the strength of inserts, and eliminates thinning and bridging by creating better resin flow. Surface Enhancer® is available in aerosol or in gel.

Patch ‘N Go®

After moulding or forming a polyolefin product, a plastic manufacturer’s nightmare is to scrap the part because of blowouts, pits or puncture damage by handling. Patch ‘N Go® cosmetically repairs poorly moulded or damaged polyolefin plastic parts, thus reducing scrap rates. It is used to fill the defect and then heated to cure the area. It comes in natural and black and can be easily matched to any resin colour.

Multi-Clean All-Purpose Cleaner (Mold Release Remover): removes mould release residue

Cleans and prepares mould and plastic surfaces, an essential and easy-to-use part of the Mold In Graphics™ and Mold On Graphics® application process.

Resin tack – Specialised adhesives from Mold In Graphic®

Resin tack – Specialised Adhesives from Mold In Graphic Systems® keep the mould/part surface tacky, holding the transfer film in place during burnishing and transfer of Mold In Graphics™ to the mould surface and Mold On Graphics® to the plastic. Mold In Graphic Systems® Adhesives are easy to use, leave no residue and do not contribute to ozone depletion.

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