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What follows applies to rotational moulding but heat pipes are used in many other industries too including sophisticated sectors such the electronics and aerospace industries. Contact us or visit CRS’s web site for further information.

Often in rotational moulding, it is a problem to get a correctly formed piece because it is not easy to drive heat into recessed areas of the mould. CRS Engineering has a wide experience in the field of thermal management and recognises the challenging and complex thermal demands facing today’s development and application engineers. Their heat pipes are very efficient, easy to use thermal conductors and are used to move large quantities of heat where necessary.

In plastics conversion, heat pipes are used in injection moulding for mould cooling. In rotational moulding, instead, they are used to take heat into critical parts of the mould where otherwise wall thickness would be inadequate.

In their simplest forms, heat pipes are usually sealed tubes containing a working fluid and its vapour together with a capillary wick lining system. A heat pipe can be thought of as a super heat conductor: the application of heat at any point causes a liquid-vapour phase change inside the heat pipe which enables large amounts of energy to be transmitted in the vapour phase with only a minimal temperature gradient (2°C). When heat is applied to any point along the external surface, the fluid inside the heat pipe evaporates and then condenses again at any other point which is at a fractionally lower temperature. In doing so, the latent heat capacity of the working fluid is utilised to effect a very efficient energy transfer.
Heat pipes are fast and easy to fit. Once installed they do not need further maintenance. In rotational moulds they are mounted with one end in contact with the mould while the other end (sometime baffled) is positioned external to the mould outline. In this way the heat pipe collects heat from the oven’s hot air and transfers it to where it is needed.
Heat pipes are available in many different lengths and diameters.
Our Technical Service Department will be glad to help you choose the best product from our range for your application.

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